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AOL Mail down has hit its users again- Here is What You Should do

AOL mail is facing a hard time to keep its mailing services going as within a span of three months it has hit the rock bottoms again. Thousands of users reported the problem of their AOLMail down twice within one week. Although the issue may be a result of a possible outage. It has not only affected the mail service but has also taken down the dial-up internet along with the website.

AOL down

Most of the users said they can’t access AOL mail and all their emails have also disappeared from the surface. Even last year hundreds of users reported that they were facing issues with signing into their email accounts. The company representative had then spoken on the matter telling their network engineers are working to fix this issue.

Alas! The solutions are far from traceable. But, here I have found some ways to make you overcome this dilemma of accessing AOL mail.

Know the Errors

Before you try to troubleshoot AOL mail down problems and its apparent technical glitches, you need to get through with the errors that you are facing in this process.

AOL down


This error code will serenade your screen if your browser finds some suspicious activity in your account. It basically disrupts the sign in process of a user and depicts some authentication problem.

Here is a great solution for this- alter security settings. If you are seeing the Blerk error codes everytime you try to sign in to your account then you need to change your browser security settings. At times., the security settings can greatly hamper interfere with you entering into the mailing account. Thus the hindrance of AOL mail down comes out as a result of it.


This 1111 error code can be a result of brimming cookies and caches that requires cleaning up. Another reason can be an outdated password that is too vulnerable to risks. Hence, here are two things you can do to overcome this glitch-

  • Reset your account password
  • Clear up all the cookies and caches from your browser

The internet service provider network has faced number fo outages from last few months and the most common of them is this error. GAH! The sound of disappointment is real in this case.

You can also check the internet connection for making sure the server is not down and the problem is specific only with your mailbox connection error.


It is also known as the error 8 and makes one suffer in loading their email account. This makes the user wait while it takes time to load that can vary from a few minutes to even a day.

To quickly fix this hassle, you may try refreshing the page and make the problem get fixed by the web browser itself. If that does not fix the issue, then you can also try the AOL mail basic version for signing in. This is a much more optimum portal that does the same work with better accessibility.

Error 9 and 16

Error 9 is also an evident part of the Zoid error and can come up if you try to access your account with a user getaway that isn’t authorized by the system. Similarly, error 16 of Zoid appears if an apparent violation occurs with the terms and services of the mail account.

aol mail error

AOL mail down can be an outcome of various errors that can be resolved by easy hacks like the ones I have mentioned with respective errors. There are also some added errors with this mailing network that arises the issues like-

  • Mailbox is temporarily unavailable
  • The address is not reachable
  • The mail session has timed out
  • An error occurred while loading the page

All these issues sum up the three classifications of errors namely Blerk, GAH, and Zoid.

Which one are you facing at the moment that made your AOL mail down? Write down in the comment section below and let me know.

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