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Bad Gateway Error: Get Help From AOL Technical Support

Gateway timeout error is an HTTP status code which basically means extra time taken for loading a page. Similarly, when you try to login or enter into your AOL account it takes a lot of time than usual, you face an error code 504 Gateway  Error AOL. It basically means the browser took longer time than usual to load that page or the browser filed another request.

To put it in a different way, you get the 504-gateway-error message when the server you are trying to visit is not quick enough. Sometimes, if the computer you are working on if it’s slow then you will encounter this error. The internet connections are not different, if you are using a slow connection then you will also experience this problem.504 Gateway Error

Cause Of 504 Gateway Timeout Error

In most of the cases, when the other server takes a lot of time to load a particular page, that means “time out”. This is because the site you are trying to visit is probably slow or not working at this moment.

The good thing about this error is, this is nothing to do with your AOL Email. This is simply because the server is unable to make the connection with the site. Or it may be the internet connection is too slow to load the page, so it’s getting a timeout error message.

504 Gateway Error

Possible Ways To Fix 504 Gateway Timeout Error AOL

Refresh The Web page – The first thing you should try when you get a timeout error on AOL email. You can straightway force refresh the page. You can do this by simply pressing f5 button on your keyboard. Or you can try the URL again by selecting and entering it. It’s an error which you have no control over. So simply refreshing the page will do the trick for you.

Restart All Your Connection – In case you are using an external connection. Then consider restarting it, restarting the connection will refresh the internet connection and help you to regain the internet speed. Sometimes if your router is far away from the computer try to move someplace nearer to the router. You can hard reset your router or modem to make the connection strong so you will not get 504 Gateway Timeout Error Error AOL.

Correct The Proxy Settings – If the proxy setting of the browser you are using is faulty then it can cause you this trouble. So you can check the proxy setting of your browser and make the necessary correction if requires. After changing the proxy address you can try loading the page again you will not face any error.

Change Your DNS Server Settings – DNS server is another reason that can cause you 504 Gateway Timeout Error AOL. It basically means the server is connected to the site. You can change or configure the settings in the windows setting center. You can change the server setting from the command prompt option.

Contact The Administrator – If nothing works out at this moment then as a last resource you can try connecting with the website owner. If you tried everything and still the problem persists then it probably means that there’s nothing wrong in your part. However, the website owner might aware of the fact and working on it to fix the issue. Connecting with them will bring no harm to you rather you will get a clear picture of the issue itself.

Final Thought

So, that all of 504 Gateway  Error AOL, you can try to fix the issue on your own. But if the problem still persists then you can connect with our experts as well, for an instant solution. For that purpose please call us at +1-888-489-2199.

Be sure to let us know if the solutions worked for you. You can write any suggestion if you have in the comment section below. We will love to communicate.


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